pebugger - A PHP Debugger

What is it?

pebugger is an interactive command-line based debugger for PHP, written in PHP. It vaguely resembles gdb. Its basicaly a dbgp client.

This is currently in an early development stage. It's stable and usable, but not fully featured, yet. It's something I am keen to start using myself, so features should be added fairly quickly.
So far, you can set breakpoints, step through code, and query variables. Here's a sample session:

$ pebugger
pebugger 0.2, Copyright (C) 2007 Steven Grundell.
pebugger comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are
welcome to change and/or distribute copies of it under certain conditions.
Type 'about' for more details.

Debugger connected []
Xdebug 2.0.0RC4 - - Copyright (c) 2002-2007 by Derick Rethans
Status set to 'break'
Break in function {main}:
2:    echo("hello\n");
-> break 16
Breakpoint 1 set: file:///tmp/a.php:16
-> run
Break in function two:
16:        $n++;
-> list
11:    function two($n)
12:    {
13:        $num = 5;
14:        $a = Array('lemon', 'apple', 'orange', 'pear');
15:        $str = 'hello';
16:        $n++;
17:        return three($n);
18:    }
20:    function three($n)
21:    {
-> echo $a[2]
-> exit


The documentation is somewhat minimal right now. Apart from this page, you have:



Current version is 0.3 All files contain the same stuff, just compressed differently.

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